Being Successful is all about the right mindset.

Being Successful is all about the right mindset.

The Myth Behind Being Successful

Thinking is the hardest work there is, which is probably the reason so few engage in it. ~ Henry Ford, American industrialist and founder of Ford Motor Co.

I used to believe that to be successful in any field, starts from “hard work”, could not be more wrong about it and a lot of people still believe in that.

It has been repeated time and time again that to succeed, you need to work hard.

Wherever I see or read, the underlying meaning of being successful is that, if you put hard work you become successful.

Even successful people convey the message that hard work has led them to where they are at present.

It is natural that everyone who follows or listens to them will think they need to push themselves:work hard (even when they don’t feel like it) to be successful. So a lot of people persuade themselves that success is not worth it.

Hard-work is made of two words. Hard: synonyms are concentrated, solid, strong and many others, also according to the dictionary Hard means not-soft so if you really think about it Hard-Work does not make any sense, It has no existence. Any work done with concentration for a specific period of time is called hard-work.

I hope now you don’t have a biased opinion about Hard work, If you look at concentrated work you don’t have to settle for less. 

Keep your goals and dreams high. The price to achieve that dream may feel too high, In actuality it is not.

So we will replace hard by concentrating.

Usually we don’t work hard and long, because we think that we cannot push ourselves. This whole concept is wrong.

Instead you have to pull yourself to be successful.

So how do I do it ?

I pull myself. The decision to work and succeed doesn’t start with working hard.

It comes from dreaming and aiming. It comes from being motivated by my vision (Dream).

I read it somewhere “It’s not up to others to motivate you, Motivation has to

come from inside” Intrinsic Motivation.

Possible explanations of Dreams include:

  • representing unconscious desires and wishes
  • interpreting random signals from the brain and body during sleep
  • consolidating and processing information gathered during the day
  • working as a form of psychotherapy

I really don’t know of any successful person who pushes themselves.

Their ideas and internal motivation pull them to put the work into what they have dreamt about.

The work becomes a mission.

Mission * ∞ = Vision

I have realized that I have a chance of making my dream come true.

When we all realize that there is a possibility, to make our visions to become reality, it becomes very difficult to be apathetic.

This possibility (Likelihood) that things will turn around, does not let me sleep, It is difficult not to put in the effort. It becomes a habit, a self-fulfilling habit, takes you in a trance, Just like a Magic Mushroom.

I am not pushing myself. (My Past is Pushing me and the future is pulling me)

I am being pulled into my Vision.

“The past is your LESSON. The present is your GIFT. The future is your MOTIVATION”. Zig Ziglar

Most people don’t dream for a better future, because It’s frightening, because it’s unknown.

I have set my heart on achieving my dream(desire). Once you desire, you do not sit until that desire is achieved.

Focus on the Present, the future will pull you.

Be careful what you Desire for, you might end up acquiring it.

The journey might get a little rough sometimes, don’t lose focus of your dreams, keep going eventually you will reach your destination.

Enjoy The Journey!!! You will learn a lot during the journey.

Most important thing here is that we don’t have to see the whole journey, only the first step then the second and so on.

I will achieve all my dreams. My sanity lies in progressively going towards my dreams.

But what I cannot live with is…Not Trying…

I will not be a prisoner of my Mind. There are no limits to what I (WE) can achieve.

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