Universal Laws:

Aristotle – “Perfect law is inherent in the nature of man and is immutable, universal, and capable of growth. Natural law is Reason unaffected by desires” Stoics – “True law is right reason in agreement with nature” Every waking moment we are creating and altering our lives.  Our present situation and future is and will be a product of our thoughts, our visualizations, our intentions, our emotions, our feelings, our beliefs, […]

Success: Increase the Possibility

Steps taken to wake up from the Matrix Mark Twain Once said: “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”. Knowledge: Skills gained by a person through experience or education. Intelligence + Experience = Knowledge. I read a lot of books, like “Man’s search for meaning, The Secret, Stoicism, Vernon Howard”, and many other books and paths to learning […]

Motivational Epigrams

When we think of success: We are already there mentally, now we have to pull our physical self. FEAR (Anticipation of the Evil) Almost all of us have mental blocks and sometimes these mental blocks become obstructions in our day-to-day activity even while we work,  it becomes a hindrance in our conduct/communication. This one little phrase has become an issue […]

Random Thoughts

Anything accomplished effortlessly will not last for long, and if you want anything to last, it requires sacrifice and labor.  If we love someone, we need to develop trust and spend time with them, only spending money will increase greed not love. Relationships become strong only when we understand and respect each other’s way of thinking and forgive them for […]

Leadership Qualities

Some common qualities of a Leader for two great researchers which have stood the test of time about 3000 years.  We have been told that deep expertise will lead to enhanced credibility, rapid job advancement, and escalating incomes and leadership roles. This advice cannot be far from the truth, the alternative of being open-minded and adaptive is usually dismissed. The […]