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Make Better Choices/ Decisions.

Make Better Choices/ Decisions.

Decisions you don’t regret later

What Choices are you making ?

Conscious Choices = Deserved Future

Your reputation, your career and your future depend on the quality of your choices. Learn how to make smart choices — even when faced with doubt, risk, and conflicting information.

Reading this alone is a smart Choice

Making choices/ decisions is crucial in our lives, the bigger the choice, the more impact in the chain of events of life will be. Whether we choose not to, or we choose to either way it’s our decision, we have to take complete responsibility for our decisions.

Choice’s always play a critical role in our abilities, habits and determination for our future. Consciousness of Choices, is what, I will discuss the most important aspects of decision/choice making and how we can improve our choices for a successful future.

The more aware (conscious) we become, our choices lead us towards happiness; with unconscious choices, we move towards misery.

For e.g. If you are in an abusive or disrespectful relationship, the logical decision/choice to leave will have lasting consequences.

We can call this choice, Compounding Choice. The positive effects of this choice will show in a longer time. Maybe over the years.

Let’s take the same example of the abusive relationship: Now you have a fight with your partner and you beat him/her up. This is an Impulsive Choice, usually we have to pay heavily for these choices/decisions.

In the same example: if you move out for a little while, we would call this a Short-Term Choice.

“We are our choices.” ― Jean-Paul Sartre.

Through millions of choices, by and by we will create ourselves. Everyone is parenting themselves. We are continuously creating ourselves and that creation is freedom, free-will. We try to seek escape from the outcomes, instead we must choose our acts because we are powerless to choose the consequences of unconscious choices.

This just came to me : Choices happen in the present, while, Want, is something for the future. We can not control the future or the past, these are pseudo time. Present is the real time we can control the real time i.e. Choices.

“Unconsciously made Choices,” Restrict and Cripple your

“Consciously Desired,” Outcomes.

All possibilities are open, at birth; we are free. We can be a musician, a poet, wrestler, politician — we can be anything; everything is possible. But eventually we make choices and start moving in a certain direction. Then that direction becomes our existence/ future.

The first thing to remember:

Whatever has happened or happening to us, we have caused it. Sometimes it hurts that we cause all the misery that has happened to us; we may feel depressed. There is no need for depression, because through these experiences, we come to understand that things need not happen the same way again. We can change, we can manage our lives differently. We can live differently, we can be a unique person, an exceptional person!

The second thing to remember:

Whatever happens, whether it hurts, or it makes us happy — always be thankful, because sometimes pain is what’s needed for growth. Make every experience an opportunity to grow. Use that opportunity like a trampoline to pull yourself higher.

“Free (Conscious) Will becomes your Will Power,”- Shiv Chaudhary

I made many lifestyle choices when I moved to America; I geared them toward making the most of my first five years of achieving goals. Having a clear vision of what kind of life I would lead and what kind of person I wanted to become, helped me in making choices.

How much can our decisions influence the future of our lives, and what are the few — thoughtful — consequences of these decisions?

Most of the decisions I made in the past few years are Compounding Choices: Small Conscious Choices made daily, to reach a desired goal. One decision leads to another decision, with your result in mind, sometimes I fuck up, as soon as I realize that, I correct it at once.

In my other article, I have pointed out how the Compounding effect makes you successful in all aspects of life.

Success is the companion of Fulfillment.

Happiness leads to success, How to reach happiness? Alert Choices: Whatever you do has a choice, either you want to do it or you don’t. Thinking in terms of happiness, what makes you happy, this or that, if it makes you happy then do it, if not, then don’t. Simple.

“You are not the victim of the world, but rather the master of your own destiny. It is your choices and decisions that determine your destiny.”― Roy T. Bennett.

We may not always be able to decide what happens to us, but we can choose how we respond to it. With each obvious choice made, we create a specific outcome based on those choices, and are personally responsible for the outcomes.

Infinite numbers of choices are available to us, we have a free will to choose what we think is good for us; we regulate all this from within.

The immense energy within us is the source that causes everything to expand. Making choices comes from three levels of energy within us.

The choices we make occur on three levels.

First level comprises the state of unconsciousness, where, because of unconsciousness, whatever happens, just happens. The choice is almost nonexistent. Impulsive Choices.

The second level where choice exists at the body level, the level of consciousness. Here, whatever happens, happens because of our choice. We can’t hold anyone else responsible for it. On this level, whatever one is, it is ultimately their choice. Short-Term Choices.

On the body level, whatever occurs, it is because of our choice. This level comprises the state of half-conscious and half-unconscious.

Now and again we do certain actions, we don’t want to do. This is very interesting. To say that we frequently choose to act, we didn’t wish to choose, that sounds very contrary, but in fact we do so every day. For e.g. We decide we will not get angry today, but then we do, small negligible things make us angry.

What does this mean? It means that the anger arises from your unconscious part, while the thought about not wanting to be angry comes from the conscious part.

We usually remain divided between the two. Half of us is being pulled to our past — the world of habits where everything is in a state of unconsciousness. The other half is awake, with consciousness and connected to the world that lies ahead — the world which will become new habits, the world of the desired future, where everything is uncertain.

We swing like a pendulum and that’s the reason we have tension, continuous anxiety, plagued by worries, anguish. We can’t even trust our choices — this causes short-term choices.

Beyond the body level lies the third level — the level of total alertness. Compounding Choices. We are aware at this level; the awareness helps us to choose on this level. However, there is a difference between the state of no-choice on the first level and that of this level.

The first level comprises the unconscious state. The chooser is not present, hence there is no question of making a choice, the process is automatic.

The third level comprises consciousness, alertness — is the awakened state of our identity. When we are awake/alert, we know exactly what is worth doing and what is not, then there is no question of choosing? All choosing ends. We do what is worth doing and discard everything else.

Choice exists on the body level, which comprises half unconsciousness and half awareness. “We should always be conscious of our choices”, we don’t know what will happen in the future. It’s an uncertain future, but we should be positive and realistic of the future. No one knew about this coronavirus. So it is very important to have a “Realistic Uncertain” viewpoint while making your choices.

On body level it is all up to us — we can go in either way. We put ourselves in situations where we are left with only two choices — we can either stay where we are or move ahead. It is always easier to stay in your comfort zone. Why? — because this place is a known territory. We are already here; we feel safe here.

The choice of moving forward into your desired future is always uncertain, we have doubts, it always looks dangerous because we don’t have a sense of direction. We will have to raise our consciousness/awareness.

Part of the meaning of making a choice in life is that our choices affect not only us but also others. We should pause and consider the consequences of every decision we make and the impact on others around us.

The decisions of our friends and family members and even the decisions of other people affect how we see the world and how we choose to respond to specific situations.

If we look into the “Law of Cause and Effect” we can characterize Results as effects and choices as the causes, the quality of the effect runs parallel to the quality of choices we make.

Every choice carries a consequence. Each choice is the unavoidable consequence of its predecessor. There are no exceptions. If you can accept that a terrible choice carries the seed of its own punishment, why not accept the fact that a good choice yields desirable fruit? — Gary Ryan Blair.

Next time, if you see yourself complaining about anything in your life, think about how you got here and what choices you made along the way.

Start making conscious decisions in such a way that you get where you want to be and become the best you can be.

Gradually we develop into the person we always want to become, and today choices form habits of tomorrow. Take some time to think about what life goals you have for yourself and how your daily choices affect your ability to achieve those goals and your future. Your business, your life and future are all dependent on your own awareness (Conscious Choices)

While making any choice, gather and arrange information into a choice, which aligns with your attitude, an attitude of mind is important in every aspect of decision making. It is not surprising that our outlook plays a vital role in making conscious choices.

Thoreau said, “tools of our tools.”

“Choices are tools for our future, awareness/ alertness is a tool for making better choices”.

Change Your Life By Making Consciously Aware Choices.

Being aware of everything in your life and being accountable for the decisions you’ve made, you can change our lives for the better. You can make the choice to be happy and decide to re-act positively to all of life’s situations. You can take control and be a conquistador and not a victim.

It’s within YOUR power to choose or not. But make no mistake…


So what choices are you making today?

Thank You.

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