You get Served what you Deserve, not what you Desire.

You get Served what you Deserve, not what you Desire.

The Immigrant who bought his Bentley

I wanted to share something personal with you…

Yesterday, I bought a new SUV, In the garage, while admiring the SUV, I thought I need to clean the garage, so that the garage looks as beautiful as the SUV, they compliment each other while cleaning; I found a voice recorder that I haven’t used ever since my I sold my business, about a year ago.

This car is a beauty (I just can’t stop talking about the car), still can not believe that I have bought this car, it is just so expensive and I always had a dream ever since I was a kid to own a super luxury car and now it’s sitting in my garage and it is mine, maybe I am dreaming it’s like a trance and soon I would wake up from this dream and fall flat.

So just to convince myself that I am not dreaming, I started recording myself and my journey over the last 6 years. March 24′ 2014 is when I came to America from India.

How being in business has changed my point of view.

It feels so good when you achieve all that what others thought you never could. It’s never about others, now you don’t even care about what others think. It’s all you.

“Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.”—Tony Hsieh

Always keep your goals in front of you or in your mind and now you have to maneuver between the obstacles’.

For e.g. If you aim to buy a car, the first obstacle is money, then get a job to earn the money, have enough credit if you want to buy on credit, or cash flow if you want to buy the car cash down.

So the goal is a Car, Obstacles: are Money, Job, Credit rating… etc. 

Hold On I heard some noise outside, Got to go check on my CAR… lol.

It’s all good, it’s the gardener.

So where was I.

This is contrary to belief because usually, people believe if they want to “make money” they should aim to “make money”.

Just like in the car’s case.

Most individuals who aim to make money seldom make any money.

This is because money is the by-product of value given to other individuals.

When you aim for only “making money” you get blinded by what others call “shiny object syndrome” and forget the most important thing – Assisting/helping others by adding value towards their goals and in return, you get money which too adds value to your brand.

When I started my business, I was naïve and knew the “simple path”. This was my conditioning, straight line toward my goals, I could only look at things objectively.

Soon I understood after years of hardships that most of my successes had been in-directed.

Nearly everything I’ve achieved was unplanned. They were unintentional by-products generated by attempting other things. The learning from losses was making my plans more successful.

This is crazy, WTF, confused ?

This insight baffled me and it became my mission to find out what is going on.

I started looking for answers, read, watched, and networked with many people, whatever it takes to look for the answer. Everywhere and everyone I had talked to, said the same thing that they got into this business by accident, but could not nail the answer, people used to tell me that this is what I am supposed to do and maybe God made a bigger plan for me. The world was full of accidental pioneering.

For some time I felt there was something lacking, I had the answer, but I was just not sure about it…

Eureka! I found it, In India, I was on one side of the river bank and wanted to go on to the other side; the guy supposed to drive the small boat was not going in a straight direction, in fact going with the flow of the river, and maneuvering in-between the rocks, they were so good at it that this process it took them the least effort and was the fastest way to reach your goal.

The phenomena of the physical world never move in straight lines, but our planning does. If we have to be successful we have to move with the energy of the physical world not against it.

How can everything about our planet so perfect?

It has created order from disorganization.

We humans especially our emotions driven by logic creates chaos from order.  

For e.g. If we see the eye of a cyclone, there is chaos around it and complete calm inside the cyclone.

This revelation changed my point of view about everything.

I have always been sleeping however now I was awake.

I started applying the secondary approach method to everything in my life and my business. My business was nothing out of the ordinary or exciting.

Before I was being too logical, rigid, and want every action planned. I used to see things in black and white. Now I see things in grey, and that anything and everything is conjoining.

My goals became secondary, well primary to achieve them, looking at the alternative views of things to be fulfilled to reach a specific goal. The results were astonishing. My business went from being inert, barely profitable to generate millions in 7 months.

So the question remains what transpired?

A whole fresh perspective not looking at anything directly, indirect ways to reach goals, through learning.

I implemented a lot of things in my life and changed a lot about me, in fact, last month when I met an old friend of mine from college, He said that everything about me has changed. Some Physically, but almost everything mentally.

Here’s is what I did for this enormous success.

I removed the Illusion of knowledge

In any endeavor, the knowledge gained from others is our worst enemy, we listen and follow others who have made it, and after some time we think we know everything and that’s the biggest obstacle to our growth.

There is so much knowledge available, where ever you look that we get overwhelmed. Soon we question ourselves and doubt our every move.

If you try to learn from anyone on how to be successful, you will most likely fail, that’s why they don’t have schools and colleges about how to be successful, this is your journey and you have to learn it yourself, you can definitely get ideas from other people.

You are your greatest enemy by thinking you know it all.

I came to America in March 2014, started driving Uber, I used to be hesitant, mostly fearful, friendly, clueless, and terrible at managing money and did not understand how things worked here. I believed that I would never be a rider and always be a driver, my knowledge about the world was limiting me and that I was powerless, this is my destiny, I could not enable myself to take any further actions.

This was the biggest challenge I had to face, the limiting beliefs, and this was because I was trying to imitate the success of others.

These self-help videos and articles always tell us “Be yourself,”. “Stick to your roots,”. “Don’t forget where you came from”.

But who are we, or who am I?

We are the collection of beliefs we have sown around us; we call these beliefs with a fancy word… IDENTITY.

Just stop and contemplate who you are… stop right now for 2 min.

“Be Yourself” What is yourself? WTF…

Ourselves that we think of, is merely we holding on to an identity, built up of narratives inherited from the past.

Success can not be achieved by desiring to achieve success, become deserving. Not only thinking, but working on our beliefs and disciplines.

Like a snake sheds its skin. We too have to shed our old personality/ identity and have to become a new deserving person. We should question our own beliefs and learn more, rather than being stuck in the illusion of knowledge.

Start fresh, with a beginner’s mind. We believe we know everything when we know nothing. Maybe you know a lot about google analytics or FB ads, but that alone will not make you rich, learn to give value and to receive value/money, and for all that you have to become deserving.

To succeed in any part of our lives/business, change who you are. You have to constantly evolve. This is impossible when you hang onto your identity and believe you are the way you are. Slaughter your self-image.

I meet many people who constantly say “this is who I am, love it or leave it, I usually leave them”. Because these people hold their identities, stuck, and will bring you down too.

Instead of “Who am I?” look for  “Who/what am I becoming”.

Because the person who you are right now is only desiring and the person who will be successful will be deserving.

Decide who you want to be, to be successful and then evolve into that new personality.

Right now you are a seed with proper care, good sunlight, water and air, you too will become an enormous tree. 

The Throwback: Law of Divine Oneness: Everything is connected to everything else. What we think, say, do, and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the world around us, including our business.

If anyone has problems in life, it will reflect on every other aspect of their lives, their relationships, their business, everything.

If you want to start anything, first you need to solve your own issues, or at least you should know them, recognize them and be willing to detangle all the issues of your life.

Because if you don’t do this and you encounter a problem in your business, you will attempt to solve it by focusing on that thing.

This rarely works, because the problem was creeping slowly and you had even noticed it before, but your attitude did not let you act on it, and now it has become an urgent issue.

Your business is like a mirror. Whatever problems, habits, and behaviors, issues you display will reflect in your business.

We reap what we sow.

Let me give you some examples: (If you are struggling to get people to buy your product/ service and keep getting the same answers from your potential prospects: “let me think about it, Oh! I have to ask my wife, or this is too expensive”).

Then you should do some examination of your own life and observe how many times you have done this to other people, said the same things.

You will get exactly what you put out to the world.

If you are not a confident buyer, what makes you think you can be a confident seller, or you can attract a confident buyer.

It’s not your product, maybe you have the best product/ service, you sell your beliefs and your energy to your potential client.

Objective Reality of yourself

We are not the elevated variant that we can envision of ourselves; we are the least form that we can acknowledge.

Many people have expectations and dreams, however, once in a while they accomplish them. We document things we need and then wish cheerful ideas however nothing ever happens to it.

Individuals consistently are the most reduced variant of themselves which they can acknowledge, not the most elevated adaptation which they can envision.

Transformation will happen only when you act to lift your level of attainment, not your fantasies.

People are protesting, and coming back to binge-watch Netflix and then fantasize about success, they throw dreams out of the window, because you want to change the world. What an Irony!!!

“We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do,”– Mahatma Gandhi

This reality is present in everybody.

We should always work on lifting our caliber, we should know where we stand and work towards excellence, removing all obstacles in our way. When we are ready to elevate our life/business, we should carefully survey our dreams and qualities and understand where we stand.

Find the lowest variant of yourself, you’re willing to tolerate and then work on lifting that variant to your desired variant, who you want to be.

This way you will light a candle within your own darkness.

Motivation will come from inside, outside nothing matters, you will love haters and critics.

Thank You!

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