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The future is hidden in our past.

The future is hidden in our past.

“The past no longer is, the future is not yet here; there is only one moment in which life is available, and that is the present moment.” — Thich Nhat Hanh

Wherever or whatever position you are at this moment is because of your past, your thoughts and your actions have led you to where you are now.

With every breath, you exhale, you move closer to your ideal self. What I mean to say is that your past is pushing you to your new self and your future is pulling you, That’s why we exhale as we go towards the future and Inhale in the past. When we exhale we push to breathe out so that we can pull or breathe in.

If you are alert you will notice you are either breathing in or out, if you notice too hard you stop breathing. Only because of the process of breathing in, can you exhale and the other way is also true, that when you breathe out can you create space inside you to breathe in.

Don’t Build Walls

If you want to move ahead, you have to stop thinking about the past and let the future pull you, The past has already gone, if you think about it you usually get angry thinking about the past, when we get frustrated about anything that occurred in the past, we are laying the bricks to the foundation of the wall that stands between you and your future.

Your past is always pushing you, it’s your thoughts that are building the wall, you get stuck because you can not cross the wall of your thoughts.

Don’t stop the future from pulling you, start visualizing the future as it is already there you just have to put your discipline and work towards achieving it.

When I do this, I stay alert, completely aware of my thoughts, whenever an old thought creeps up I start to think about my car, about the article I have to write or anything that is related to real time (NOW, Present).

(Past)Inhale>>>You are here>>>Exhale(Future)

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