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What I learned from walking my Dog!!!

What I learned from walking my Dog!!!

How walking my dog changed my psychology, helped me achieve millions.

I learned I don’t walk my dog, my dog walks me lol…

I saw that my dog got exhausted after a long walk and I was not; I noticed that we both walked the same distance, but the dog is playful and keeps on running here and there so the dog usually covered more distance than me and so got exhausted.

The same is with my life, I have a goal and I start on the journey to achieve my goal, but in between somewhere during the journey, I get distracted, check out other people and compare my first step with their twentieth fifth step and so I get exhausted and tired. That’s it. Journey is done !!!

I need to do something entirely different in my life.

 I realized I am holding on to my beliefs, my beliefs are not holding me. 

I can see only if I am seeking.

If I am aware of the trivial things, only then can I understand the broad things. Thank You for all that I take for granted.

Working at my job is not how I will become a millionaire. 

That’s a lie.

This is the biggest thing (My Beliefs) actually that’s holding me back from being rich to reach that millionaire status. 

The greatest trick of my mind is to give me the idea of that which I am not and to help me feel that I am already that.

 I understood that my psychology won’t permit me, with the current mindset; A millionaire does exactly the same work that I do, except that a millionaire has a whole unique set of mindset to approach a problem and character and applications that differ completely from what I am doing in my life. 

I ‘d need to improve my inquisitiveness, I ‘d need to do something drastic for self-growth, I need to increase my value to become a millionaire, the reason I’m not a millionaire, and the reason I Will never become a millionaire doing what I’m doing right now is because I’m not being creative and enthusiast, my ego won’t allow me to do it, I have so many restricting values that believe I am a victim, I have too much social conditioning. 

I have to take full responsibility for everything happening to me.

I have to work on every aspect of my life to raise myself up, to earn millions of dollars sustainably. I know that I have to work hard on myself. This is where I will distinguish myself from other people. 

I was making a mistake thinking that working hard on my job will produce millions of dollars, now I have realized that working at my job is not how to become a millionaire, that’s a trap. 

Should I quit my job right now, since I have now realized, to become a millionaire it’s gonna take a lot more, it’s the mindset, it’s not the external situations, it’s internal subliminal doubts,  either way, I have to become self-employed, it’s not going to work staying at my job.

I am too afraid to leave my job and scared to face the risk of not having money to pay the bills when I am self-employed.

I started working what I call 7 – 1 work, what others call side hustle, no not working at a 7-11, I know I am Indian, I started digital marketing, but I don’t know shit about digital marketing, be imaginative, I hired guys in India and soon became best digital marketer for almost all the small businesses here, locally…and then got acquired, or bought by a much bigger company. Well, it took me 2 years, I did not leave my job, but now I have become a millionaire. 

I soon discovered that self-employment is about how much benefit I can give to everyone else. I also had to worry about regulatory concerns, access to market, procurement problems, problems of employment, all these various types of business issues, they all came into the equation and I had to be concerned about economics and salaries. 

I wasn’t ready for all this and thought of quitting but the satisfaction of helping someone reach their desired goal, that my journey of reaching my goal was intertwined with other people’s journey and on the top of that or the upside to all this is that I was able to position myself very nicely and the earning a lot more than the regular job which I hadn’t quit, I was still employed there at the 9-5 job, The only thing I had quit was not wasting time going out on the weekends and evenings.

If anyone working a nine-to-five and you have a desire of becoming a millionaire you have to start asking yourself how do I make the transition start to look for different strategies and techniques be creative, imaginative, what opportunities do you currently have, how can you use this time and start to move out of this trap, be aware, be alert always keep an eye out for options, what others call side hustle I call it freedom?

Our nine-to-five isn’t gonna do it for us and we are not going to become a millionaire by doing something that’s moderate.

We have to provide value instead of time, we cannot measure our output in relation to time, we have to change that mindset and measure output in relation to value.

Do anything that continues to give you and your customers satisfaction, you can create a product or service, or you can write a book or anything you think you can start and finish it, this should be your passion … the bottom line is that you will have to make an impact on people the more people you influence with your work and more people admire your work, more chances you have of generating that massive value you need in order to charge people enough money to be getting millions of dollars back in return.

I have done it, so can you, OH!!! Of course during the journey, you will lose your friends, maybe your partner.

When you reach your goal it’s pretty lonely here, but it’s worth it.

This is a principle of wealth creation, value equals wealth.

As a millionaire, your focus will always be on appreciation, how you generate more value for the world and bring more admiration to your fan base and potential customer, that’s what you’ve got to work towards that’s what you have to think about when you’re working towards your goals.

There will be virtually no possible outcomes unless you take steps that are in line with your thoughts and desires and strive orderly to accomplish what you want. 

“If you work hard at your job, you can make a living, If you work hard on Yourself you can make a Fortune” ~Jim Rohn~ 🕉

“Success is a Journey, Not a Destination”

 Don’t stop learning!

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