What do you learn from Meditation?

Someone once asked the Buddha skeptically, “What have you gained through meditation.”

The Buddha replied, “Nothing at all.”

“Then, Blessed One, what good is it.”

“Let me tell you what I lost through meditation: sickness, anger, depression, insecurity, the burden of old age, the fear of death. That is the good of meditation, which leads to nirvana.”

If you are reading this article and thinking that I have already read this before, then you are going in the past, If by Nirvana you are thinking that I have to leave my family and become a sage then you are in the future.

Nirvana is in NOW, The Present Moment.

The English meditation is derived from Old French meditacioun, in turn from Latin meditatio from a verb meditari, meaning “to think, contemplate, devise, ponder”.

We all are three story houses:

Conscious, Sub-Conscious, and the Un-Conscious.

Anything that is  done  with complete awareness and alertness  is meditation.

Meditation is not the anticipation of the next moment, but in the current moment, when I listen to any audio or video while meditating I am  thinking or running to the next step, 

while meditation is the step…now. (Sub-Conscious).

In meditation  we are supposed to go with the flow of the energy around us. 

Complete Harmony of the energy within, with the energy with-out.

So if you want to meditate you don’t have to follow anything outside, you have to follow yourself inside. 

Be Alert, Aware… 

Meditation is not a process to gain anything…You don’t become productive in-fact you lose being unproductive.

Meditation can not be experienced in the next moment as you listen to the app. That is exactly what we are doing…meditation is to ponder or think about the moment. 

The process is in you, The purpose of meditation is to just watch; no judgements or interpretations.

When you start the engine of a car, the energy is in the Gasoline, so each one of us has gas within us, we just have to be more alert or as they say Mindful…our knowledge is our Gasoline.

Intelligence gained thru Experience = Knowledge.

How to start Meditating? We don’t have to start anything, You can simply reach for what you are looking for.

1.Be alert to the environment and simply notice everything around with-out putting names on anything…or Judging….Just Notice/Watch.

2.Then move on to noticing the thoughts, don’t do anything, it will be uncomfortable at first, because we can not believe that what we are thinking is really us. The thoughts are not ours; we have acquired them over the years. (Conscious)

Now the question arises (who am “I”) Sub-Conscious, well that is simple; you are the person watching those thoughts.

Do this whenever you are walking, or simply lying down, In the gym (Oh!!! My bad no more gyms)

Ultimate Aim in Life is not Happiness but the absence of sadness. Which is learned through Experiences of Happiness and Sadness. Learning(We are always learning thru experiences)

Unconscious is reaching zero: Through our true knowledge there is always a kindle of flame burning inside us, source-less light…I would not suggest anyone to become a sage as all of us have a lot of responsibilities in life and towards other people. 

If you are still curious then…like an onion when we peel the layers of the onion, all we are left with is nothing (Zero)…We have to shed all of what we are known for (Our Identities).

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