Motivational Epigrams

Motivational Epigrams

When we think of success: We are already there mentally, now we have to pull our physical self.

FEAR (Anticipation of the Evil)

Almost all of us have mental blocks and sometimes these mental blocks become obstructions in our day-to-day activity even while we work,  it becomes a hindrance in our conduct/communication.

This one little phrase has become an issue with most folks and no one is recognizing it, that most of us have learned since we were tiny… This seemingly harmless phrase:  

“You should steer clear, keep away, refrain from, avoid, prevent”.

We should avoid talking to strangers. That we should refrain from thinking more than needed. We should avoid thinking less. We should steer clear from harm. How to not talk to neighbors, how to keep away from enemies, how to prevent this, and how to keep away from that. Most of our lives we live in avoidance, almost 93%, preventing or refraining or avoiding but can we refrain from ourselves can we avoid death. 

This fear mentality has to go, the moment we decide I will not “a-void” it, I will not be fearful anymore, all our troubles will vanish because we could face them and learn how to solve our problems, adversities, issues, anxieties, etc… through these obstacles are the path to success and freedom.

All we do is sit and ponder at the problems, thinking someone/something will eventually rescue us and show us the right path. If we don’t learn to solve our problems and continuously doubt our decisions, even if someone tells us the right way, it will be to no effect. It’s our problems to learn from, to face them and win over them.


I went to the desert and saw all the cactus plants blooming there and was pretty surprised to see the sheer number of cactus plants. The same breed of the plant is right outside my house and in the desert too. 

I had a funny thought, that wherever we live, we usually complain that the climate here is too hot or cold and that we should move somewhere where the climate is just right.

What do you think? Would your issues resolve?… NO!!!

We are good at creating fresh problems as soon as we see that we have swept the old one under the rug.

We are just trying to delay the problems or avoid the issues.

How can we ever solve the issues inside us by moving to a fresh place?

Speaker and Balloons

The speaker at a seminar I attended, called 6 people on the stage and handed them each a balloon and also gave them a toothpick, the instructions he gave to them was simple, the person with the balloon is the winner.  Just as he said that, all of them tried to burst each other’s balloon, and it soon left only one person with his balloon. He tried to save his balloon, but now the others whose balloon got burst teamed up against him and burst his balloon to ensure that he would not become a winner.

Seeing that the speaker reiterated and said that all of you may not have understood me, I had said that whoever has the balloon would be the winner, not the one who would burst everyone balloons.

Now everyone is a loser.

All of us are competing to succeed, which is true, and it’s good too, but success never says that to succeed we need to kill the competition/competitors.


I don’t know anyone who does not get angry, anger is a part of us; one of our feelings, and I am not saying that we should suppress our anger, feelings have to come out in one form or the other, if we get into an argument/fight over anything, at that moment we will not think of remaining calm and not display anger. We will use all our energy to win, and then and only then, we get satisfied, at peace. Isn’t it like this? The path of Anger is like. If not equal to that of a storm (Cyclone). All it leaves behind is devastation and misery. After calming down, is it known for the damages caused by the storm (Anger)? Anyone and everyone born will eventually make a mistake, it does not mean they are wrong, all we should do is to learn to forgive them, smile and move on. 

A life lived as Gold

We should live and inherit the properties of gold through knowledge. Remember, if gold falls into a puddle of dirt, it does not lose its value. Even if the gold breaks, there is no difference in its physical properties. That however is not true with glass. It only keeps its value as long as we do not break it as soon as it breaks, its price is as good as garbage and its physical properties also change.

Challenges of being a Rose

If in life you come across people who challenge you or are negative (Pessimistic), don’t dread. Remember that if you want to blossom like a rose, then you have to learn the art of harmony with thorns.

Also, don’t waste precious time explaining or teaching these people because they will remain the same in every situation. They have created a false narrative around them. Their attitude compels them not to change.

The same is not true about you, because you are not competing with them, your actual competition is with yourself. If you find yourself better than yesterday, then you are a winner.

Being Grateful

If we are not enthusiastic or grateful just because we don’t have a job or a business today, or we don’t have a partner or my partner does not listen to me or they dislike me, no one understands me, or people cheat me, I don’t have followers, and blame everything on luck then remember, we can’t be grateful when we have these things, these things will not satisfy us. To be grateful, we don’t need an enormous house, or a high-paying job, or an adjusting partner. We should always be grateful that we can start again as long as we are alive, we don’t need excuses.

Remember that what stresses us or makes us happy today will not be the same tomorrow, and we will completely forget about them sooner than later because: 

“When your life is temporary, how can your problems and happiness be permanent”.

Live every moment to its fullest.

We replace old memories with recent memories, some people remain depressed because they keep on thinking about unhappy moments, and others do something new to get out of these moments and start improving life by excluding themselves from those temporary painful situations.

Creation teaches us that when things are “broken” they become valuable for other people, it rains when clouds break, when the soil gets broken, the seed germinates when the seed breaks a plant is born, and when you feel broken, understand that creation wants to use you for a greater purpose. 

Be happy and laugh, be grateful, Being Happy is the most precious gift in the world.

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