The next big-thing in Procrastination

The next big-thing in Procrastination

Selective Procrastination

We Procrastinate not because we are lazy…. We don’t find pleasure in it and thus we are inclined to waste time.

Sometimes we think we are privileged and should get everything for free.

Well, I have news for you; the world doesn’t work according to your wishes, too bad you will die poor.

It’s not your fault if you were born poor, but it’s definitely your fault if you die poor, you lazy fuck, pleasure seeker!!!

We don’t procrastinate having Sex. Immediate gratification!!!

We do selective procrastination. We choose what to procrastinate about.

Active procrastination means we realize that we have not organized our desk or bed, but only because we are doing something that is more valuable at present.

Passive procrastination is just sitting around on our sofa not doing anything. That is a problem.

We don’t do a particular thing because we don’t want it as much as other things.

However, we all have one thing in common — we are all procrastinators.

If our life is full of delays, procrastinations, gossips, worries, tensions, then that is what we are living, and nothing good can come out of it.

We procrastinate because; we get addicted to poverty, addicted to comfort, don’t want to work, want everything for free, don’t believe me look around you, all the looting, we want to be rich but we despise the rich… I live in Beverly Hills, Blah… Blah, Oh!!! He is rich and lives in BH. Before you jump to conclusions, I came to the U.S. only five years ago, I still drive Uber, but the only difference now, I drive when I get tired working on my other businesses; I love driving, it’s my passion. Before I used to drive a Prius, now I drive a Bentley and on the top of that I just got my green card but that never stopped me from accumulating assets, coming back to the point of looting, people who were looting in BH were chanting “Eat the Rich” instead of justice for George Floyd.

So stop complaining and get to work, invest in yourself, increase your knowledge, find your purpose.

Life is difficult, you will not get what you desire, only what you deserve, increase your value, and the market decides the value.

Let’s look at the word Pro-Cras, Crastinus, where did it come from.

PRO in Latin means FORWARD.

CRAS, again in Latin, means TOMORROW.

CRASTINUS, derived from “Cras,” means BELONGING TO TOMORROW.

That’s why procrastinating means putting off something that you should do today to tomorrow.

Procrastination is always about the future. A mind aware of the present will not procrastinate, and a mind that is continuously thinking of the future will do nothing but procrastinate.

Here are some reasons we procrastinate.

Disconnected from Reality:

What I mean to say no direction in life, no purpose, live like a bum, die like a bum. We are always looking at people who have become big, in whatever field like, blogging, you tube, Instagram, Facebook and are earning a lot of money, We have to look at their journey instead of their achievements.

Not being able to see our future will lead to lack of motivation, as I have said earlier (In my other blogs) it’s up to us to motivate ourselves, Motivation has to come from inside, no outside forces will come and motivate you.

What do you want to do, write it down and read it every day…. and act on it.


Don’t sleep thru life, wake up to this beautiful experience that we call life. Don’t follow, it’s like the blind leading the blind, learn what’s important and disregard what is not useful.

We have to connect with our present conditions to know where we are at the moment and where we want to be, increase your knowledge and then implement it, don’t worry about people not following you, I don’t want followers; I want learners, fuck followers. The fewer people who read this article, it’s better for me, less competition for me.

Immediate Rewards:

We are always looking for immediate benefits. Impatient!!! We all are…

I guess Lord Buddha said: “Patience is the companion of Wisdom”

Impatience impacts the value we put on awards/rewards/benefits, studies show that people prefer immediate smaller rewards over larger rewards offered later. This means that if we have a task, we need to perform but we know that we will only receive the reward after completing that task in a relatively long time, then we are likely to procrastinate on it.

Temporal discounting: also known as delay discounting, time discounting (“temporal” means time, so the value of the reward gets “discounted” (lowered), if time increases in our minds).

We tend to lower the value of anything (Reward, Benefits) based on how much time there is between the present and the occurrence of the “that thing.” i.e. the reward becomes so distant in time that they cease to be valuable or to have additive effects).

We can change the temporal discounting and Immediate rewards perspective by working on delayed gratification.


The people who have a hard time deciding, are more likely to procrastinate. Most leaders are quick decision makers, sometimes the decision is wrong, now they can work on rectifying the decision made.

Indecisiveness creates enormous problems, we cannot decide which opportunity to grab, because opportunities are there to grab but we lose valuable time deciding and the opportunity ceases.

Expected utility: In decision theory, subjective expected utility is the attractiveness of an economic opportunity as perceived by a decision-maker in the presence of risk. It refers to the idea that people value opportunities (e.g. rewards, expenses, etc.) based not on the true value of the opportunity, but we filter the value based on risk, preference, time, etc.

Be Aware, look at your daily decisions and realize, ‘This is my life.’

Decisions made today will impact your future.

If you want to learn more, click on this link… link is below… scroll down.

Procrastination is the thief of dreams- Richard Paul Evans

You are the link. 

Link your awareness to your present

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