Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

Anything accomplished effortlessly will not last for long, and if you want anything to last, it requires sacrifice and labor. 

If we love someone, we need to develop trust and spend time with them, only spending money will increase greed not love.

Relationships become strong only when we understand and respect each other’s way of thinking and forgive them for their mistakes, we have to learn to manage misunderstandings. 

In a relationship, if someone leaves the other twice, there is no doubt they will leave again when adversity strikes. The first time is a warning, and the second time is the lesson. 

In life when everything goes against you, don’t sit and contemplate, get up, face and destroy all that is happening against you.

Excessiveness of anything is bad for an individual be it want, love, self-control, ego anything, it will bring destruction to an individual.

Being patient is a sign of strength if you know how to use it, how much to use, when to use it and to what degree to lose it. If not properly used, patience becomes a weakness.

There is no free lunch, for free you can only get problems, stress, difficulties, misfortune, suffering.

When you are successful, the people who used to despise you, change.

In 3 situations you can learn a lot about people, when we are broke, when adversity comes on us and when we have our heartbroken. Being broke makes us realise who was financially and mentally present with us, failure makes us realise who still stuck and made us believe in ourselves and after a heart break you found out who you should have trusted. 

Anyone who desires to be your friend wants that specific thing or quality that you have. There is no friendship without selfish desire.

Do not wish for a straightforward life, because anything that is straightforward creates difficulties, instead wish for strength, for you can win every trial and tribulation. 

Usually people will not remember the things you have done for them, but they definitely remember what you didn’t do. 

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