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Secrets, we should never reveal.

Secrets, we should never reveal.

Take them to your grave.

“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.”

― André Malraux

I was reading about a guru/ scholar Shukracharya; he was also the teacher to a lot of warriors and an avid disciple to Lord Shiva; He observed nine activities of every being, should always be kept a secret.

I wish I knew about them earlier, It would have saved me from a lot of hardship.

1.Status/Reputation/ Don’t Blow your own horn: don’t talk a lot about your own achievements, Wise individuals never disclose their reputation (Values and Attributes) for themselves, doing this will make you look small and others will lose respect for you. People usually form a belief or opinions about your character/ reputation, before you even meet them, make others understand your potential and your qualities not by your words but by your actions, People who keep on praising themselves usually become a joke among their own people and sometimes people even hate you. You might even make a few enemies instead of friends.

There are no secrets better kept than the secrets everybody guesses.

George Bernard Shaw

2. Humiliation/ Insults: One should never reveal his/ her embarrassment to anyone, not even to your partner. If you tell people about a moment that you got insulted, then people will make fun of you, no one will help you in your suffering, therefore any achievement and insults should always be a secret. Believe Me!!! Not Even Your Partner, What we call the better half, It won’t take long for that better half to become bitter half.

3. Never disclose about grants, offerings, gratuity or charity: Donation is such a pious act, that it keeps its fruit only when kept secret. A person who pretends to make a donation/ shows they help other people, to get praise from others or to show their greatness among people, all his/hers virtues get destroyed. People don’t give a shit about virtues anymore.

So if we think these so-called self-help gurus are helping us, we are mistaken they are only helping themselves, because they want reviews and ratings from us in return for the knowledge that is already available to us for free, and the amount they charge is ridiculous.

4. Copulation or Sex: Sex is one of the most secret things between partners. Sex should always be a secret, the better it is for couples. Everyone knows if you are a couple then you are having sex, we don’t have to tell everyone about our personal moments. If people get to know about your personal moments, then they can take advantage of your weaknesses, which can cause trouble for you and sometimes even embarrassment. E.g. Katie Hill, Congresswoman from California.

“A secret’s worth depends on the people from whom it must be kept.”

― Carlos Ruiz Zafón

5. Don’t tell anyone who your doctor is or what medicines you take: A doctor is someone who knows many personal things about you. People who envy you or your competitors will take advantage or can cause you embarrassment in society, with the help of your doctor, or because of the medicines you take.(Let me give you a real life example: My cousin was in politics in India. His own friends poisoned him with the help of his doctor). Therefore, it is always good to keep the information about your doctor and the drugs you take a secret.

6. Quarrels/ Disagreements at Home: One should never talk about the differences of opinion or the mutual feelings of family members in front of anyone. People usually laugh and take advantage of your family feuds, therefore, it is better to keep your family disputes confined to the family. The reputation of the family gets destroyed, even if you go to a shrink, usually they cannot solve the problems, instead, you end up losing a lot of money. (My marriage got destroyed, instead, we should have talked and resolved the issues by communicating with each other and not go the shrink)

“The best way of keeping a secret is to pretend there isn’t one.”

― Margaret Atwood, The Blind Assassin

7. Age: It has always been said that a person should not reveal their age to everyone. Age should be considered a secret. Knowing your age, your opponents can use this thing against you when the right time comes to attack. Women never reveal their age, so is true with men too.

8. Wealth: All the luxuries of life can be bought with money, sometimes the amount of wealth one has can cause complications for the individual. The fewer people know about your money, the better it is considered. Many people including family members may harm you by increasing familiarity with you for the greed of money. (Real Life example: A friend of mine, inherited about 200 acres of land from his granddad and started telling everyone about the inheritance, his wife along with two of her family, killed and buried him in the same land which he inherited, we came to know about it after 7 years, when the land was being prepared for construction and they dug his remains, till then everyone thought he is missing)

9. Spell/ Rituals: Everyone has a morning ritual or a specific sermon or any other act, or a coin, or a stone, which for the particular individual is beneficial, Many people worship God, daily to get grace. In such a situation, we should not disclose the sermons we chant to anyone. A person who keeps his rituals and mantras or whatever they are doing, to feel enthusiastic or calm, should be done in secret because it’s your thing, by telling the mantra to everyone it will lose the energy as now it is being done by many. So always keep it to yourself

“The best secrets are the most twisted”

― Sara Shepard, Twisted

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