Success: Increase the Possibility

Success: Increase the Possibility

Steps taken to wake up from the Matrix

Mark Twain Once said: “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education”.

Knowledge: Skills gained by a person through experience or education.

Intelligence + Experience = Knowledge.

I read a lot of books, like “Man’s search for meaning, The Secret, Stoicism, Vernon Howard”, and many other books and paths to learning knowledge about life and its internal workings to be successful and have an aim/purpose in life.

The only logical explanation that I could derive was experiencing, that only through experience I could learn wisdom, to be a better and higher individual. But as they say that learning through experience is the harshest, It’s tiring going through the ugly tests of life again and again to learn knowledge.

That’s crazy, going to get old learning through experience.

I was also going through a divorce at that moment, what more experience do I need, three years of marriage and nine years for divorce. WOW!!!.

An Indian marriage is grand/big, very little people know that divorces are way bigger.

During this time to keep my sanity, I started reading a lot; I had lost my house, car, job, and especially health, friends vanished, relatives blame you.

I came across a quote by Confucius:

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection (Thinking, Contemplation), which is noblest; Second, by imitation (Learning from others), which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.

I asked myself a question.

Q. What was this experience (Divorce) going to teach me about life?

A. Turns out this experience has been a blessing in disguise, The divorce was very much needed for me to stop sleeping through life and wake up to it and smell this beautiful life.

This was the stimulus, I needed this stimuli

Let’s come back to the Confucius quote, You can learn by reflection and by Imitation too, OK! I am listening, that’s nice…

I started with shut up; I listened more and talked less, noticed all actions or any words I say or do, reflect on what others say and do, and why they act differently than me to a situation.

I started noticing everything, became an observer and a learner instead of judging and following.

One day while reading a book by Swami Vivekananda, I read that all the knowledge is Inside, Knowledge does not come from outside, e.g. when we say that Newton discovered the law of gravitation, was knowledge waiting somewhere outside in the dark corner for him?… NO!

It was inside him; he was alert enough to his environment; he was not judging it; he was observing it and wanted to learn why the apple fell on the ground, questioning the reason (Curiosity).

The falling of the apple was the stimulus for Newton, which led him to study his mind and so he could rearrange all his thoughts and theory and came up with a new theory (Law of Gravitation), he couldn’t have done it if he was sleeping under the tree or scrolling thru a book, he could do it only when he was alert to his surroundings and observing them.

The First Step: Waking Up to the Matrix.

Whenever I get up in the morning, I don’t check my phone or laptop; I remain quiet and don’t speak to anyone for two hours, some days I don’t speak at all (entire day), Do my morning stuff, washroom, tea, gratitude toward anything and everything. Regular morning rituals, No Meditations, or Hypnosis in the morning.

I noticed everything about the environment, alert to what is going on around me, my surroundings, just observing, not thinking about anyone and anything not questioning the reason, only noticing at the moment. Using all my senses to feel, listen, see, taste, and smell everything, and every action that is going on and that I am doing, intensively using all my senses wholeheartedly. The only thing to remember is complete involvement with all your dedication, commitment.

Soon I could do this without even realizing that I was doing it, felt like something was awake within me, and could concentrate and understand things and people way more easily automatically.

While in the shower, only focus on taking a shower, while eating only eat, smelling the food, enjoying the taste, while writing only focus and concentrate on writing. While walking, awareness, and focus should be only on walking and noticing your actions, not complaining or comparing. If you enjoy listening to music, do it with all your senses, not worrying about the future or the past.

Be present and alert to every action happening around you, to you, you, with complete dedication using all your senses.

Second Step: Look Inside

When you feel that the first step has now become a habit, you can start with the second step: focus on your thought patterns, consciousness, question your thoughts, why am I thinking this, I am not what I am thinking.

We make consciousness of thoughts, hopes, dreams, feelings, emotions.

Stop for a while, give yourself time alone and see and contemplate what you are thinking, what is going on inside my mind, we have to look at our thoughts because they are the seeds to our life, not intimidated by them, just keep noticing and watching, don’t judge the thoughts.

Soon you realize that you are not what you are thinking, your thought is a separate entity altogether, otherwise, you cannot even watch your thoughts if the thoughts were you, (You cannot watch your own eyes, you can only see a reflection of your eyes in the mirror) so it means you are apart from the thoughts, they are two different people; the thoughts we have are by constant conditioning from surrounding people, people we follow, our environment, school (Mark Twain Remember the first line).

When we become aware and fully alert, with all our concentration, looking at our thoughts, like under a microscope, we soon realize that there is a pause, space or breaks in-between the thoughts, and that is where we are; Self, some call that space, God, others call it the path to reach spiritual awakening, we can also call it zero-point energy (Akashic Record), This is the point where we are “WE”, nothing to do with our identity, ego or any outside forces we have created around ourselves by our thoughts.

The Image shows where you stand and what it needs to be successful.

Third Step: Automation

This is a monumental step, we don’t have to do anything, this step results from the first two steps.

When we plow the earth, plant the seeds and take care of the plant, the flowers come automatically. We don’t have to pull the flowers from the plant; it’s a process done through creation spontaneously.

In life, we have to plant the seed of awakening within ourselves and then take care of it with alertness and awareness, the ultimate result is a gift from God, nature or whatever you can call it, for the work we have put in.

You realize that the work you have put in and the result you have got are different; you get filled with gratitude, it’s an unknown feeling which some call grace, some call it the purpose of life and others call it spiritual-awakening.

If you have read till here, then imagine what would happen when you implement this process into your life. How much success you can achieve only if it awakens you towards life and not sleeping through life.

Reading will do nothing, we have to put this into practice, everyday action, the framework of the mind and consciousness since Consciousness is the awareness of the self, the environment, and the relationship between these two distinct worlds.

The odds of success will explode, you will know the answers before the questions, this is a place where there is no ego, only confidence.

Your personality will glow with energy. We make a personality of characteristic patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make a person unique. Besides this, personality arises from within the individual and remains fairly consistent throughout life.

Fairly means not fixed, We can change it.

My purpose in writing this article is, all that I am saying is at least do it, so you can come to know how close you are to becoming successful and it will be your own decision to be, or not to be, either way, it’s your decision.

I cannot live with… Not Doing.

Sermon on the Mount

“Ask and it shall be given to you, seek and you shall find, knock and it shall be opened unto you”

The least we can do is look towards the opportunity that has been there for us to explore, if we don’t want to ask, seek or knock, maybe just maybe the door is already open and we are standing so far that we see it closed.

Thank You.

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