Universal Laws:

Universal Laws:

Aristotle – “Perfect law is inherent in the nature of man and is immutableuniversal, and capable of growth. Natural law is Reason unaffected by desires”

Stoics – “True law is right reason in agreement with nature”

Every waking moment we are creating and altering our lives.  Our present situation and future is and will be a product of our thoughts, our visualizations, our intentions, our emotions, our feelings, our beliefs, our attitudes, our expectations and what we will (or will not) allow ourselves to experience shapes your life.

Universal Laws or Laws Of Nature are the unwavering and unchanging principles that govern every aspect of the universe and are the means by which our world and the entire cosmos continue to exist, thrive, and expand.

There are SIX equal opposites to all existence.

1= Up, 2= Down, 3= Left, 4= Right, 5= Center, 6= Directions

1= White, 2= Yellow, 3= Red, 4= Blue, 5= Green, 6= Colors

1=Electron, 2=Proton, 3=Neutron, 4=Quarks, 5= Forces, 6= Atoms

And so on, and so on, and so on…. There is one opposite to each ‘thing’… And there are six in total for anything. Set Theory.

Within metaphysics, there are two competing theories of Laws of Nature. On one account, the Regularity Theory, Laws of Nature are statements of the uniformities or regularities in the world; they are mere descriptions of the way the world is. On the other account, the Necessitarian Theory, Laws of Nature are the “principles” that govern the natural phenomena of the world. The natural world “obeys” the Laws of Nature.

The Law of Divine Oneness – everything is connected to everything else. What we think, say, do, and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the universe around us.

Law of Vibration – Everything in the Universe moves, vibrates, and travels in circular patterns, the same principles of vibration in the physical world apply to our thoughts, feelings, desires, and wills in the Etheric world. Each sound, thing, and even thought has its own vibrational frequency, unique unto itself.

Law of Action – Must be employed in order for us to manifest things on earth. We must engage in actions that support our thoughts dreams, emotions and words

Law of Correspondence – This Universal Law states that the principles or laws of physics that explain the physical world energy, Light, vibration, and motion have their corresponding principles in the etheric or universe “As above, so below”

Law of Cause and Effect – Nothing happens by chance or outside the Universal Laws. Every Action(including thought) has a reaction or consequence “We reap what we sow”

Law of Compensation- The Universal Law is the Law of Cause and effect applied to blessings and abundance that are provided for us. The visible effects of our deeds are given to us in gifts, money, inheritances, friendships, and blessings.

Law of Attraction – Demonstrates how we create the things, events, and people that come into our lives Our thoughts, feelings, words, and actions produce energies which, in turn, attract like energies. Negative energies attract negative energies and positive energies attract positive energies.

The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
 – All persons have within them the power to change the conditions of their lives. Higher vibrations consume and transform lower ones; thus, each of us can change the energies in our lives by understanding the Universal Laws and applying the principles in such a way as to effect change

Law of Relativity – Each person will receive a series of problems (Tests of Initiation/Lessons) for the purpose of strengthening the light within each of these tests/lessons to be a challenge and remain connected to our hearts when proceeding to solve the problems. This law also teaches us to compare our problems to other problem into its proper perspective. No matter how bad we perceive our situation to be, there is always someone who is in a worse position. It’s all relative.

Law of Polarity 
– Everything is on a continuum and has and opposite. We can suppress and transform undesirable thoughts by concentrating on the opposite pole. It is the law of mental vibrations.

Law of Rhythm – Everything vibrates and moves to certain rhythms… These rhythms establish seasons, cycles, stages of development, and patterns. Each cycle reflects the regularity of God’s Universe. Masters know how to rise above negative parts of a cycle by never getting to excited or allowing negative things to penetrate their consciousness.

Law of Gender
 – The law of gender manifests in all things as masculine and feminine. It is this law that governs what we know as creation. The law of gender manifests in the animal kingdom as sex. This law decrees everything in nature is both male and female. Both are required for life to exist.

By coming to an understanding of and harmonizing with these simple yet profound Universal Principles, in a conscious, intentional, and focused manner you will come to understand the true meaning of freedom and begin to experience prosperity, wholeness, and fulfillment in every area of your life.

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